Can one hear computations performed by a quantum circuit?

If we continue with a metaphor of Quantum Computing as the art

to choreograph things [i.e., gates] such that for each wrong answer, some of the paths leading there have positive amplitudes and others have negative amplitudes, so they cancel each other out, while the paths leading to the right answer reinforce

a bit further, we would arrive at the idea of melody/music produced by a quantum circuit.

I am pretty sure that many people have already arrived at this idea and Google could confirm my feeling (too lazy to check). I also believe that in most cases these people ended up with the idea of harmonics of different frequencies, corresponding to different computational basis states (specified with sequences of bits). It is very intuitive but also boring.

We can think of something more advanced, more digital, f. e., of granular synthesis. Each basis state is represented by a grain of a particular shape. The shape can reproduce the corresponding binary sequence (as in the sketch) but it is not necessary, it might be better to out shape grains by following some other criteria (aesthetic?). Then the grain is repeated periodically so we have a specific beat – unce-unce-unce (agree that already this is better than monotonous sound of a single harmonic). Another basis state is encoded with another grain and and another beat with a different period – tyyyunz—tyyyunz—tyyyunz. Amplitudes of the basis vector/states should be changed after every gate (we can deal with real amplitudes only… need to think about this more) but in a continuous manner. This again can be done with the granular synthesis toolbox.

The wish is that all this results in a techno-like piece for a randomly generated Q-circuit. If, in particular, the circuit is not random and the results of computations are a single basis state then the final coda is a single beat. Potentially, this can be realized with Ableton Live and The Mangler and one well-motivated PhD with background in digital sound processing.

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