After seeing “The Night Of The Hunter” for the eighth time

Ah, little lad, you’re staring at my fingers. Would you like me to tell you the little story of right-hand/left-hand? The story of bit and qbit?

B-I-T! It was with this left hand that old brother Claude  struck the blow that laid all these PCs and iPhones around. Q-B-I-T! You see these fingers, dear hearts? These fingers has veins that run straight to the tabloids. The right hand, friends, the hand of supremacy. Now watch, and I’ll show you what happening now. Those fingers, dear hearts, is  a-warring and a-tugging, one agin t’other. Now watch ’em! Old brother left hand, left hand he’s a fighting, and it looks like bit is a goner. But wait a minute! Hot dog, bit is a winning! Yessirree! It’s bit that’s won, and right hand qbit is down for the count!

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