Entropy at absolute zero

Physicists are underrepresented in movies (especially in good ones) so it was a pleasure to see one in Fulci’s “The New-York reaper” (showed at the Oslo Cinemateket). Eventhough the scribbles on Peter’s blackboard are frustrating, the question “What could it be about?” is itchy. As for now, there are two possibilities: (1) Classical: The lowest energy is degenerated and there are several lowest-energy states. Then entropy depends on the preparation procedure (cooling protocol etc) and (2) Quantum: There are measurements involved and then entropy is set by them.

Fulci was an intellectual, too good, too smart, too wise for a second-rate director. It was bad for him (for he is a tragic figure) but good for giallos he has made – they bear strange poetical undertones and there is a nice melancholic thread going through them. There are also thoughts of a great mind – half-baked, incoherent, but deep sometimes.

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